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3 Big Engagement Ring Trends for Fall

Because fashion is always growing and changing, your friends here at Hawaii Titanium Rings are always hard at work developing designs that will be as stylish as they are personal. Here are some of the big fall trends to consider when shopping for your titanium ring!

Rose Gold

A perfect color for any style of engagement ring that pairs particularly well with a full, polished titanium look.

Rose Tulip Ring

Colorful Diamonds

The way a different colored diamond departs from tradition may be just the reason to get one! But if that’s not convincing enough, they can make for some truly gorgeous designs. Pink or yellow ones are great for a more subdued style, while other colors are sure to pop in amazing ways.

Blue Diamond - Fire and Ice Opal Ring

Flower Designs

While a lot of engagement rings recently have employed floral arrangements of stones, our inlaid rings offer a unique design option that can be just as eye-catching and meaningful.

The Rose Engraved Ring

At Hawaii Titanium Rings, our mission is your happiness. We can work with you to iterate on any trendy design you can imagine, or develop one unique to you! Contact us to find out more, or browse our amazing titanium ring collections today!

Written by Hawaii Titanium Staff