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When choosing a titanium ring, especially for your engagement or wedding band, finding the correct size is the first step. Titanium, unlike most precious metals, cannot be bent or stretched to fit your finger; so getting a proper measurement is important. Your local jewelers can assist you with a complimentary sizing, but just popping in to the corner store for a quick fitting may not give you the most accurate result. One variable is that every jeweler has different sizing equipment and who is to say whose is the most precise. The second consideration depends on the time and temperature, both causing your finger size to change. I have heard it suggested to go to the same jeweler three different times of the day and have them size you, but what if you get three different results, which do you choose? This technique can be embarrassing to you and frustrating for a jeweler not making a sale; not to mention, a wedding schedule rarely allows time to go anywhere once, let alone thrice.



Some websites come with a sizing graph which some people find a convenient at home solution. Let me tell you from firsthand experience, this paper or string-around-the-finger measurement design is the most unreliable of all. It seems to be a logical, mathematically sound procedure, ensuring accuracy, but our company tried this with our first websites and 99% of our returns were sizing issues from people attempting to self-size. Although the operation sounds easy on paper it takes real hand-coordination to perform the maneuvers described, and it can be dangerous if people try to cut the string while it is still on their finger. The bottom line is neither string nor paper are good materials to measure for metal. Sizing your finger with a plastic ring from a gumball machine would have better results.



Our suggestion, which has proven to have the best precision rate in 15+ years of making titanium rings for men, women, and children in sizes ranging from 2-20; is...send us a ring that fits you. There are just two small possible inconveniences with this approach; number one, you may have to part with your favorite ring for a short time. Number two; if you send in a gold or silver ring, chances are it is not perfectly round as it has probably conformed to the shape of your finger, so we will have to reshape it to get an accurate size. In other words, your ring may not fit the same when we return it, but will return to its former shape after reuniting with your finger. One last option is to go to the street fair and but an inexpensive ring that fits; remember to take the width into account.



Sizing up the situation, if all else fails, Hawaii Titanium Rings has helpful and friendly customer service and our return policy is easy on the pocketbook. We are here to help make your engagement, wedding, or any occasion fun and exciting, igniting memories with a glance at your hand.

Call or email us with any size or design questions, we are dedicated to helping you complete your special day. 

Aloha from the Ohana at Hawaii Titanium Rings!