73-5617 Maiau St #5 96740 Kailua-Kona, HI
Phone: (808) 327-4647

Jerry Guire made his first Titanium ring out of a key chain over 15 years ago and after showing it to friends, he made his first sale. He has invented a new art technique from pure imagination and skills he acquired in a machine shop making automotive and Aerospace parts. Making rings after work and on weekends, then selling them on eBay enabled him to buy his own machinery, which led to more success, and Hawaiian Titanium Rings. Today, he has two locations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and he showcases his rings in stores all over the states as well as prospering from a growing online business, so his key chain alteration holds quite the legacy.

Hawaii Titanium Rings is made up of family and friends; Jerry's beautiful wife, Carolyn runs the administration, his brother is the main machinist and Carolyn's brother is the wood specialist. I am Shana, the office manager and I have been friends with Carolyn for over 20 years, my husband is the main artist and my son works in finishing. Alana, our shipping manager and accountant has also been close friends with Carolyn for over 20 years as well and her son recently joined us until he goes to college. We have all joined together to produce what we believe is some of the finest jewelry on the market.