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As tough as Hawaii Titanium Rings are, and as ironic as it may sound, the Beauty Salon seems to be the most dangerous place for our rings. Ladies and Gentlemen who get their nails done, beware! The resin covering your wood and stone inlay is resistant to most elements, but not paint thinners or solvents, including nail polish remover. Artists too, don't forget to remove your rings before cleaning your brushes. Even more ironic is that hospitals seem to be the next most dangerous place for our rings. Nurses have a problem with the surgical soap they frequently use called C-Stat; it seems to eat through our resin which makes me worry about their skin.


To clean your ring, soak it in mild glass cleaner for a few minutes, rinse, and air-dry. Do not rub with a regular cloth, glass or jewelry polish cloth only.


Hawaii Titanium Rings has a great lifetime refinishing guarantee for any circumstances your hands may endure; even the lucky man who survived a motorcycle accident and sent us his ring in three pieces. He lost his pinky finger but only broke his ring finger and the emergency crew had to cut his wedding ring off. The good news is technology has brought us the hydraulic cutter which makes a clean snip; the days of the circular saw were scary. In case you are wondering, all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put his ring back together again, but we counted it as an exchange and made him a new ring. After all a ring in three pieces qualifies for both the refinishing and sizing guarantee.