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One of the decisions involved in your titanium ring selection is the width, meaning how tall your ring will stand. In the past, we have been asked more than a few times what ring width a customer should order, and as a general rule we tell them that for a man, seven millimeters or wider is the most popular, and for a woman, seven millimeters or less. As fashion evolves, though, interests in different ring widths expand for both men and women. Men are now wearing engagement rings meaning they will need smaller ring widths to accommodate two bands. Many women are not wearing engagement rings making room for wider wedding bands. Stacking rings is the newest thing in ring fashion too.



The width of your ring can determine your comfort with every grip. Even for those who are easy on the hands, aesthetics is not the only concern as reaching out to do the simplest tasks can be a new painful experience if the width of your ring is too wide or too slim for your finger. People whose work requires a tight grip and hard delivery, such as a carpenter or lumberjack, sometimes prefer a skinnier width that won't get in the way; this goes for drummers too. Other musicians, like guitarists who wield an axe with strings, especially those whose hands are photographed frequently, may want a wider ring for show and inspiration. Therefore considering the profession and activities of the wearer is a new factor in determining what ring width is best.



Also important in your width consideration is that each style requires a certain amount of space to include designs, so the minimum width choice will be wider when your ring includes a profile design. For example, a solid titanium band can, in most cases, be made as thin as two millimeters, whereas intricate designs must be wider, some with a minimum of eight millimeters so as not to jeopardize the integrity of your design. If you find a design that has to be made wider than you prefer, perhaps consider it for your forefinger or middle finger, as these fingers are complemented by a wider ring.



To find your comfort zone, it is suggested to visit your local department store's jewelry counter and try a selection of rings with different widths to find what feels right. If you are at home and want to order a ring with the same width as one in your collection, we have discovered a household technique to measure an existing ring. The width can be determined by making a stack of dimes next to the existing ring until the heights are equal, and then count your change. One dime is about 1mm wide so however many dimes you have...

Buying a titanium ring ensures you strength and durability coupled with long lasting beauty that never tarnishes, but it will not last a day on your finger if it is uncomfortable. Width that said, being aware of your comfort ranges, as far as ring width is concerned, can insure you will have a ring that suits you perfectly.


-Choosing a wider ring can sometimes require a slightly bigger size. There are two main reasons for this and one is that a wider ring means more material has to clear the knuckle. The other is that a wide ring may not fit inside the thinner part of your finger next to your knuckle. The wider the ring, the more space on your finger is occupied between the knuckle and finger bend.

- All of our ring styles have minimum and maximum width choices to accommodate the inlay design. The minimum width is important to preserve the integrity of the design. For instance, many people request our W3FTK design in a 5mm:

9mm     W3FTK width choices: 6MM-10MM

but we cannot cut the black wood into thinner bands or it will crack so this style's width choices are between 6mm and 10mm.

6mm width is the lowest we can go with our W3R design for the same reason.

The more intricate designs require more width, this Dawn Patrol has a minimum width of 8mm.

We can make any style wider than the maximum width choices for $50.


- We make stone and wood 3mm wide Stack Rings. Perfect for wearing all your birthstones and power stones.

                        4mm                                                   7mm                                               10mm

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