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Aloha, we know you must have many questions and please know this page is not complete, but, we have answered a lot of questions already. The information can be found by typing your question into our excellent search engine. Otherwise call us, we love hearing from you! 808-327-4647 or 808-756-1173

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Do you ship international?

YES! Please see our blog https://www.hawaiititaniumrings.com/blogs/hawaii-titanium-rings-blog/international-shipping-fees-1 or call us with questions 808-327-4647.

What if I want a different wood or stone in a certain design?

No problem, we specialize in custom orders! Please let us know in a note at checkout if you wish to change the wood or stone in a ring ordered. The only price increase you can expect is if you choose to upgrade by substituting Australian Opal or adding elements. Contact us for help anytime! 808-327-4647

Are your rings actually made in Hawaii?

Yes, our rings are 100% made in Hawaii, our workshop is in Kona on the Big Island. We are the only company to start with a solid bar of Aerospace-grade, American-made titanium and we hand-shape and hand-inlay each ring.

How long will it take to get my ring?

Our production schedule is ten working days plus shipping time, all rings after 10 days are considered late and if there is a considerable delay we will be calling or emailing you! Click here for more shipping details

Are your rings durable?

As far as we know, we make the strongest, most durable inlaid titanium ring on the market, we cover our inlays with a very durable coating to seal the inlay. Our rings are made to be worn daily in and out of the water. We offer a lifetime refinishing guarantee for those of you who are extra hard on your hands.

Do you offer inside engraving?

Yes, we offer free inside engraving and can fit up to 40 characters including hearts and simple characters. You can call us after you order with your engraving if you need more time to think about it.

Click here for engraving examples

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If I request an engraving, can I still return or exchange the ring?

Yes, no problem, but there will be a $15 restock fee.

What ring width should I order?

Always look to see what the ring is pictured as, if it isn't designated, call us at 808-327-4647 because not only will we be able to tell you the online width shown, but we may be able to email you more photos not available online. Our experienced staff will make the ring designing process fun and easy. Click here to read our blog, "Width This in Mind"

What is the difference between the flat and round profile?

All of our rings are comfort fit with no sharp edges, the profile refers to the top and outside of the ring where the inlay is. The flat profile will have straighter edges and the round profile will be more beveled and have slightly thicker walls. The flat design also has less titanium showing on the face of the ring and the round has more titanium showing coming around to the face of the ring. Here are two examples:



 Can I change the wood and stone in a design?

Yes, you can choose any wood or stone to be inlaid in a design, please leave us a note at checkout with your wood and stone preference. There is no extra charge for this customization unless you have chosen a stone at a lesser or greater value.


What is the difference between brushed and polished finish?

The brushed finish is a ring that we do not take through the final polish stage. It is a dull finish compared to the high polish result from our equipment. The polished rings have more of a mirrored finished. We suggest to order your ring polished because in time it will look brushed. I suggest the brushed finish when ordering titanium with a gold inlay as the gold stands out more and tends to blend more when polished. Here are two examples side by side of brushed and polished:




Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, besides our 30 day no-questions-asked return policy, we offer a lifetime sizing and refinishing guarantee. Please view the details here: Shipping and Returns

Remember you also have a lifetime Ohana 10% discount after your first purchase. Please let us know so we can extend the discount at purchase.


Do you have rings in stock at your Big Island, Hawaii locations? If so, can we come by and purchase? Can you size on premises?

Yes, we have about 700 rings in our Big Island Stock you can call us or stop by, get sized and purchase on premises on the Big Island. Click here for our locations page with addresses.


Where to purchase on Kauai/Maui/Oahu?

Click here for our galleries page with addresses.

Are your prices any cheaper if I came to a physical store rather than ordering online?

Our prices are the same online, but you are welcome to stop by one of our Big Island locations to order rings.

We are coming to Hawaii to get married but we aren't staying on the Big Island. Would it be possible for you to ship our wedding bands to our hotel in Honolulu / Maui / Kauai and we can collect from them?

Yes. As long as the hotel or residence where you will be staying accepts packages for their guests. We ship to the other islands for pick up often.

Why did my ring come wrapped in tissue?

We do not mean to disappoint you with the presentation of your ring but we must wrap your ring in tissue to send it. Your ring will come neatly wrapped in a CLEAN tissue inside a black velvet bag. We cannot tell you why we have to wrap it in tissue because it will compromise one of our trade secrets, so you will just have to trust us and please do not hesitate to request a box with your order.

Is My Ring Guaranteed if I Lose it?

Unfortunately not. The guarantee is for sizing, refinishing, and exchange. We do offer a "Lost Ring Discount" if the ring you lost was made by us. Don't feel bad it happens so often we wrote a short blog on it: