November Birthstones

 The four November Birthstones are citrine, topaz, pearl, and chrysoprase but we only inlay pearl because the citrine and topaz lose their color when crushed, and the chrysoprase is too valuable. We will inlay round cut chrysoprase, citrine, and topaz, but they must be under 2.6mm.


Pearl is also the traditional birthstone for June and is probably the most popular gemstone we inlay. We have both black and white and they are mesmerizing in any light! The black has a surprisingly vast amount of color that reflects with movement. The men are especially attracted to this stone. One of our biggest selling designs has a thin band of black pearl positioned offset in between Koa Wood.

Black Pearl Ring Black Pearl and Koa wood Ring


The White Pearl is a creamy, silky textured gem and the most iridescent stone we carry. Besides its Birthstone status, it is also popular as a wedding band for men and a stack ring for women to wear next to their engagement band. The white pearl compliments diamond rings and unexpectantly looks masculine on a man's hand. 

White Pearl Ring  Mens White Pearl Wedding Band

For more info on The Power Of Pearls



Written by Shana Stuart

October Birthstones

October is an exciting month for birthstones. The six listed are opal, tourmaline, coral, jasper, aquamarine, and beryl. We do not crush the aquamarine or the beryl, but let's talk about the four birthstones we offer as ring inlays.



Black Opal from Lightning Ridge Lab Opals


We could write pages on Opal. we carry some of the most colorful and rarest in the world from Lightning Ridge, Australia, and we also have a rainbow of ten different Lab Opals that we love working with. View them in rings online here:



Tourmaline  Tourmaline Ring

Black as night, with a galaxy of tiny blue and white specs, this stone is very mystical both in appearance and in reputation. It is said to be used by artists and writers to inspire their creativity.


3. Coral

Red Coral  White Coral

We offer red and white coral for inlay. The white coral is popular for couples who met on the beach or who are having a beach wedding. It goes great paired with Koa Wood which is significant in Hawaiian weddings. Red Coral is rarer and has become a favorite for divers, but the bright orange hue is a perfect color for a summertime wedding. View online here:


4. Jasper

Red Jasper  Red Jasper Ring

The deepest red stone in our collection. Jasper is a dark auburn color. It compliments all skin tones and is perfect for Autumn weddings. 



Written by Shana Stuart

September Birthstones


September has more than a few birthstones ranging in many colors. Two of our favorites are dark blue Lapis Lazuli and green Olivine Peridot.  Beautiful colors suitable for both men and women that pair incredibly together and with wood and other stones. Lapis and Peridot are versatile gemstones that can be worn for beauty and power not only in September but for other months and zodiac signs.

Pleasing-to-the-eye Peridot is the birthstone for Leo and those born in August, September, and October. The chartreuse lime colored gemstone is one of the most intriguing gems on Earth and one of the oldest as well. Records show the mineral was discovered over 4000 years ago on St. Johns Island off the coast of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians called Peridot the “evening emerald” because it glows brighter at night than an emerald. It was traditionally mined only at night because it was said to disappear in sunlight. Biblical recordings and jewelry from Cleopatra validate the historical journey Peridot has taken for ages.

Historically, Peridot was called the stone of springtime and was considered a protective gem believed to appear in dreams when there was pending danger. Physical benefits include a fountain of youth cell regeneration quality and healing capacity that applies to the organs in the abdomen. Today, Peridot is still used as protection against negative feelings and worn to bring prosperity and happiness.

Lovely Lapis is a birthstone for September and December as well as the planetary stone for Capricorn and the Zodiac stone for Virgo and Libra. Like Peridot, Lapis has been a prized gemstone since the beginning of recorded history; another favorite of Cleopatra who crushed the stone to wear it as eye shadow.  Catherine the Great had a room in her palace constructed entirely of Lapis during the Renaissance. Kings and queens have adorned Lapis for centuries showcasing its rich color and ornamental qualities in crowns, jewelry, architecture, and make-up.

Healing practices using Lapis have been applied since Ancient Egyptian times for releasing toxins and treating the ears, nose, and throat. Homeopathic practitioners have since discovered many additional uses like enhancing cardiac circulation and blood pressure, relieving eye infections and skin problems, and putting an insomniac to sleep.

Lapis Lazuli’s deep cobalt blue color with occasional flakes of gold pyrite is a symbol of royalty which carries through to its metaphysical energy empowering the wearer with leadership, wisdom, and insight. Executives and entrepreneurs can stimulate their problem solving and creative abilities and enhance their communication skills and memory retention.

Consider Lapis and Peridot to guide your intentions and to embellish yourself and your surroundings. September is a great time to add these stones to your collection not only to decorate your life but to improve health in the body and mind. Lapis and Peridot have been recognized by cultures, religions, and nobility and it is still one of the most sought after gemstones in modern times.

Written by Shana Stuart

Wood~The Five Year Anniversary Gift

Tradition tells us wood is the five-year anniversary gift, but finding a romantic wood symbol to present to your mate can be tricky. Wood rings are the perfect solution for a man or woman! Our matching rings are made with consecutive cuts of wood for couples to feel added connection~that's romance!

Wood was chosen as the 5-year gift because at this point in a marriage a couple has formed a strong bond and wood represents strength and stability. Koa is the common choice in Hawaii but we encourage clients to choose a wood that has deep meaning to them. We have woods from all over the world so they can choose a wood from their present region or a wood from a place rich with family history.

One man sent us wood from a tree his son and new wife swung from as kids growing up as neighbors; a truly special anniversary gift for his son and the girl next door. The wood can be from where you met or where you were born, it just has to be at least two years dry.

Other reasons for wood rings...Recently build your first house? Send us a left-over piece of wood to inlay and celebrate this big moment with more than just a toast! A ring set we will never forget was made for a couple who lost their house in a tornado. We were honored to preserve the wood from their destroyed house in rings to keep its memory still standing.

What wood represents you? Each tree has its own personality and story to tell just like humans. If you don't have a favorite tree, now is the time to establish a relationship with these forest giants just as you would a birthstone or astrological sign. After all, trees have been around as long as the rest if not longer, making them the perfect symbol of a happy, long-lasting marriage.

Written by Shana Stuart

Pictures of Rings on Mens' Hands

  Hawaii Titanium Rings is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona so many of our sales are online. We thank our daring clients who trust our craftsmanship enough to order sight-unseen! Many ask if we have pictures of rings on hands, mostly want to see our rings on men, so here are a few photos sent by happy clients. We are proud of how great men look in our rings!



Written by Shana Stuart