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Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying a ring is not only stressful but also a complicated process to go through especially for those who tend to overthink. However, that shouldn’t be the case for you. Because when you go out hunting for the perfect ring, you may bring these tips with you. They will keep you focused and less stressed out.

Forget About Trends

A passing trend or fad, whimsical and romantic motifs, such as hearts, bows, flowers and even snakes should not be the basis of what engagement ring you purchase. Since it will be the symbol of your love that will stand the test of time, it should be timeless. Instead of going for something popular, look for a ring that would suit the style of your significant other. Choosing from her style will make the ring more precious in her eyes.

Have an Outside Eye

As mentioned before, this can be quite a daunting task, so seeking the help of someone close to you can make the entire process more fun. Ring up someone who knows you and your bride-to-be, and whose taste and opinion you respect. Then go look around with them. But if you’re the loner type who likes to shop alone, then you could at least ask for some tips from your friends who have experience with engagements. A second or third opinion may be more valuable than you think.

Cost Does Not Add Sentiment

Did you know the real reason why people spend so much money on engagement rings? That’s because during The Great Depression, the advertising geniuses of De Beers started running an ad pushing men to spend an entire month’s worth salary on a ring if he wanted to be "responsible." By the 80s, it jumped up to two months’ worth! These days however, you should be spending at least three months’ salary when purchasing this piece of forever jewelry. It’s just one big marketing strategy – so don’t overspend.

Work Directly With a Jeweler

Custom rings make you feel more special compared to going to a store and picking out something. Today, a lot of people are ditching diamonds altogether. Rather, they lean towards quality and design. Therefore, why not go for an altogether unique ring? Like something from Hawaii Titanium Rings. We are the original company to inlay titanium rings. Our rings are all handmade from the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona Coast. We start with a bar of the highest Aerospace-grade, American-made titanium and inlay each piece of wood and stone by hand. Many try to replicate our designs and techniques but no one can come close to our handcrafted quality and wearable durability. Call us today to help you choose your own customized design for your most memorable day!


How to Care For Our Rings With Wood

Koa Wood and Gold Titanium Ring

One of the more original styles of ring we make at Hawaii Titanium Rings are rings inlaid with wood. The grain pattern of different woods have a lot of appeal for people who want a deeply natural look. When choosing any wood ring there is one major concern!

Avoid Solvents

All of our wood and stone inlay rings are sealed with a protective coating.  Such finishes are susceptible to exposure from solvents. The mildest consequence is that the finish can be clouded, dimming the surface of the ring. More severe exposure can include the degradation of the wood, causing it to be lost completely.

Don't Worry

All of our rings at Hawaii Titanium Rings have a lifetime warranty available and you don't have to buy it unless you need it. What that means is for any reason we will replace or remake your ring like new for $25. Drop it 300 feet off a radio tower and the inlay explodes, we will repair or replace it if you send us the original back! Take it 150 feet under water (carefully) and notice water damage, we will make it like new!

Hawaii Titanium Rings are Designed to be Worn

All of our rings are designed to be worn all the time! All we ask is if you are working with solvent or acetone please remove your ring or wear protective gloves. If by chance you damage your ring we are here to make it like new. We are an Original Titanium Ring artists and created the line of exotic inlays almost 20 years ago. Our wood inlaid rings come in tremendous varieties, and we can customize them to make the ring of your dreams. With the tips we’ve shared above, you’ll be well equipped to enjoy your ring and give it a long lifespan! Contact us to find out more today!



The Meanings behind Rings


Everyone loves to feel loved. We give tokens to one another to show our feelings and choose the most memorable object to bear the most significant meaning. We would like to pick a token that will last a lifetime such as a ring because it is a circle which is unbroken, unending, without beginning or end. It can also symbolize that your story comes full circle, just as a ring does. Here are other things that rings could mean.


As a child may give handmade bracelets to each other, good friends exchange rings as a symbol of their friendship and how they will always be there for one another.


Many use rings as a reminder of their commitment to wait until marriage. This can be given by a parent to a child, between a couple, or a promise you make to yourself as popularized by the Jonas Brothers who had worn chastity rings in the beginning of their career.


After spending a long time with someone, you will eventually feel ready to move together and start a new life with him/her. A ring can be the physical reminder of your love and promise to one other for as long as you live ‘til death you do part.


Even if the ring you give is not meant as an engagement, you may do what many couples do – give each other promise rings as a symbol of your monogamous commitment to each other.

Promise to Oneself

As quickly mentioned above, rings don’t really have to be given or received. You can use a ring as a symbol of abstinence from destructive behavior and vices you may or may not have been involved in.

A Symbol of Power

Rings can hold special power because of the authority and skill level of the wearer. A ring is worn to be recognized by others as someone who has a special and powerful position in the territory.

If you’re looking for a special ring, then you should know this – Hawaii Titanium Rings is the best-kept secret on the Big Island for fine jewelry handmade in Hawaii. Exotic hardwoods, quality gems, exceptionally rare stones and minerals saturated with texture, color, and clarity are embedded in the solid sheen of Titanium.

Preserving Earth’s most amazing elements with intense style and expert detail, inspired by the scenery and spirit of the Hawaiian Islands, each ring is a custom work of art to be enjoyed wherever you go for generations to come. Contact us now to choose your design.


International Shipping Fees

Aloha! We sympathize with our international clients and keep our shipping charge to a minimum of $25 in anticipation that other countries charge duty and/or customs fees upon delivery. The cost is usually a percentage of the purchase price plus other taxes, but each region's  different and constantly changing.

The truth is our $25 shipping fee usually does not cover shipping costs, it sometimes costs us triple that or more! We take into consideration the extra cost our clients may be charged and hope their countries will be kind as well.

The reason customs tacks on extra fees is to discourage jewelry smuggling, and some countries are stricter than others. Certain countries like Russia and China do not allow any jewelry shipments from the United States whats-so-ever.

Many clients will have the ring shipped to a friend or family member in the USA who will be traveling to visit them soon or who will hold it until they can pick it up. Canada has a form you can fill out if you have traveled to the US, that will allow purchases delivered duty free up to a certain amount.

The international shipping laws must be obeyed and if not, we can be denied further shipments. The price paid for the rings must be declared, and proof of payment must be either inside the package or presented by the recipient. Rings sent back to us for resizing or refinishing will be returned as either $25 or $40 repairs, so the fees should be minimal.

Ring orders taken in Kona can be rushed to the front of the production line to have ready for the client to wear on the plane home. A Hawaii Titanium Ring is the perfect keepsake to the remember your time on the Islands. You have traveled so far, don't leave Hawaii without taking a piece of the beauty and culture with you.

Written by Shana Stuart