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Pictures of Rings on Mens' Hands

  Hawaii Titanium Rings is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona so many of our sales are online. We thank our daring clients who trust our craftsmanship enough to order sight-unseen! Many ask if we have pictures of rings on hands, mostly want to see our rings on men, so here are a few photos sent by happy clients. We are proud of how great men look in our rings!



Written by Shana Stuart

Round or Flat Profiles-What is the Difference?



The profiles we offer are flat or round and so let us simplify this for our clients buying online. The flat profiled rings are pictured in the top photos and the rings with the round are below that. Note that the round/flat description refers to the shape of the titanium and you can see how it comes around to the face of the ring, whereas the flat ring is not as beveled.

All of our rings are comfort fit, so think of the profile as the ring shape rather than the fit. Some clients like the bulk of the round profiles, and many men who do heavy manual work with their hands prefer it because the titanium comes around to grip their finger, making it harder to catch on things. The flat profiles are preferred and/or suggested with certain designs(like the Big Kahuna) and for clients who want thin-walled rings.

The bottom line is we start with a solid bar of titanium and hand-shape each ring, so if there is a ring you see on our website that you are unsure which profile it possesses, we can match the ring profile you like for your design. We are happy to work with you so you get exactly what you want in a ring and more!


Written by Shana Stuart

Do You Inlay Gold and Silver Rings?

Gold and Carbon Fiber Ring

Another frequent question at Hawaii Titanium Rings is do you make gold or silver rings and the answer is no. The reason is that titanium is the only metal strong enough to hold an inlay without bending or shattering. The strength of titanium gives us the confidence to offer a lifetime guarantee.

We do inlay gold and silver into the titanium, though, and have many styles to choose from! The rose gold inlays go beautifully with all colors especially the blues. The green gold looks amazing next to the Purpleheart Wood which was a surprise to us! The white gold matches the titanium and is great for custom image designs.

Gold inlays are a great way for a man to have the strength of titanium and still have an element of their spouses ring incorporated into theirs. Men are much harder on their hands than they realize; their grip is where they execute most of their strength in their daily activities, so titanium is a perfect match for them.

Titanium is also becoming a symbol of strength in marriage; its durability makes it possible for your rings to be passed down for generations. We can engrave your wedding date so your kids and grandchildren can remember when the magic all began.

We offer yellow, white, green, and rose gold, all 14k, and we also offer sterling silver. Check out the Carbon Fiber designs too, the men love the masculine aspect of it and the white makes a perfect wedding band! Mahalo to all the tough guys who wear our rings!

Written by Shana Stuart

Can You Use The Diamonds From My Ring?


Many clients ask if we can use the diamonds from a ring in their collection and the truth is we do not like to use our clients personal diamonds for several reasons.

Firstly, we do not believe in taking apart another jewelers creation. We put much energy and Aloha into each piece we create and so we do not want to destroy something that someone has put their passion into.

2. People want to send us the diamonds already removed at times and we will inlay them but they must be under 3mm and round. We also have some warnings before we agree:

~Our prices are based on man hours more than materials so the price for your ring is the same, whether we use your diamonds or ours.

~There is a chance your diamonds could be lost in the mail on their way to us, there is also a chance of your ring getting lost in the mail on its way to you.

~Our guys are rough and tough as titanium is not easy to work with and they could lose your diamonds in the workshop, they could also break your diamond during inlay.

Please know we are happy to cut and crush your personal wood and gemstone for inlay, but when it comes to the set stones, we are just trying to protect our clients best interest and would feel terrible if something happened to one of their family heirlooms.


Written by Shana Stuart

Polished or Brushed Ring Finishes

Polished and Brushed Rings

We constantly apologize to people for our photography, and the main reason is usually because they are trying to decide if they want their ring brushed or polished and our ring pictures do not capture the finish. Here are three bits of advice when choosing between brushed and polished for your design.

1. I always suggest the brushed finish for the gold inlay designs. The gold can be seen better when we brush it.

2. I also suggest the brushed finish for rings with a wide titanium surface, like the ones in the blog pics. Titanium will get tiny fine scratches with wear and the brushed look tends to hide them.

2. When we brush the designs made with wood and stone, remember the entire ring is brushed so the wood and stone will appear dull along with the titanium. I suggest polished for our inlaid designs only because after time and wear, your ring will appear brushed, so why not see it polished to begin with. The colors and 3-D aspects of the wood show better with the polished finish.

I hope this helps with your decision, call us for further help anytime! 808-327-4647

Written by Shana Stuart