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Hawaii Titanium Rings®, authentic and elegant engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women

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Classic Collection


Classic Style #2                Channeled Style#3         Hammered Style #6             Matte Center #14


Outside Engraved Titanium Rings


   Barbed Wire                  Turtles                  Celtic Hearts                  Plumeria


Anodized Collection


        Blue                    Rainbow                     Yellow                       Purple


Metallic Flake


        Blue                      Green                     Gold


         Red                      Orange                    Purple


Carbon Fiber


       Gray                      White                   Red & Black                Black                         Blue


Titanium Gold Inlaid Unique Wedding Rings


  Rose Gold #20        Yellow Gold #27        Green Gold #28      White Gold #30


Wood and Gold


  Green Gold               Rose Gold           Yellow Gold        Sterling Silver      


Multiple Hawaiian and Domestic Woods


       3W2F                     W3FTK                    W3F                         W2F                  Longboard    

Trax   Big Kahuna


Wood and Stone


      3WSSF                   WSSW                    LAVOI                 SSWSS                WSSWTK             



Earth Collection


N EARTH SLANT        N EARTH                  EARTH                  EARTH W3


Stone Design


       Sets                        Knott                        WS1F                   33SSF


Petro Collection


   Starry Night              CF Petro                  Believe                 Starlit Night


Ocean Designs


 Dolphin Patrol        Oceanview            Dawn Patrol           Night Sail


Tribal Collection


   Tribal Wood          Tribal Wood and Stone   Triple Stone Tribal     Lightning Ridge Opal Tribal


Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings


         Princess          LR Quarters 2.1x4             Time



Bling Rings


W1F 2.6 Set         Spotlight Star 2.6SET     W3RTK 2.6 SET             WSIF 2.6 SET