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Welcome to Hawaii Titanium Rings® original website newly updated! Here you can find our newest designs. Enjoy browsing through our original, quality, handmade creations.

First, let us share some amazing facts about Titanium:

- Titanium is the best metal to use for our rings mostly because of its lightweight durability, the fact that titanium does not tarnish and is 100% hypoallergenic is a bonus!

- Titanium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. It is present in everything from the trees that grow on the Earth's surface to the fish that swim in the sea.

- Like any precious metal, Titanium must be boiled at 3600 degrees, three times the heat used to process gold. It is these extreme processing methods that limit Titanium's abundance in the precious metal market.

- Titanium was not unclassified by the government for public use until 1988, until then it was for military use only. It is considered a performance metal used by Russia in WWII to make submarines, and later, by Lockheed to make the All-Star SR-71 Black Bird fighter jet.

- Today it is mainly used in Aerospace technology but is also commonly used to make surgical implants and golf clubs.

Next, some facts about our rings:

- All Hawaii Titanium Rings® are made on the Big Island of Hawaii, our artist studio is just a few minutes from the airport in Kona.

- Hawaii Titanium Rings® are cut from solid bars of the highest aerospace-grade, American-made Titanium. Nothing is made in or imported from China, we make our rings from scratch. No laminates are used, all wood and stone inlays are genuine.

- If you wish to see our rings on hands, please visit our Pinterest page here:


- All Hawaii Titanium inlay rings are coated with a special resin to protect it from the elements. We developed this resin after years of research.

- All inlay materials are handpicked by Hawaii Titanium Ring's original artist, Jerry Guire, who is a pioneer in titanium ring inlays. Jerry has been researching and developing his techniques for years to produce the longest-lasting inlaid titanium ring on the market.

- We have approximately 50 exotic and domestic woods to choose from including 6 different types of Koa Wood.

- We have about 40 stones and minerals to choose from including every month's birthstone.

- Hawaii Titanium Rings® has a limited supply of Lightning Ridge Opal. Lightning Ridge Opal has been mined almost to extinction and is soon to be a collector's item. Indulge in this luxury before it is too late.

Hawaii Titanium Rings® specializes in custom creations, we will customize a ring just for you with your exact specifications. We make each ring with care and Aloha.