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Titanium Wood Rings Collection From Hawaii Titanium Rings®

The Original Wood Hawaii Titanium Ring® collection offering a naturally beautiful selection of exotic wood inlays from around the world including Koa wood, Kingwood, Rosewood, Purple Heart, Snake wood, and over 30 others! Wood wedding rings are becoming more popular due to such a great variety of colors and grain patterns available, however wood is the traditional anniversary gift for the 5th year.  Wood inlaid into the strength of titanium creates a dimension and texture from one of Earth's most beautiful symbols of life. All of our wood rings are natural in color and sealed for protection. OUR WOOD RINGS ARE SAFE TO WEAR IN THE WATER!

*Please note that every piece of wood is different, even if it comes from the same tree, the wood changes color and texture throughout. Our wood rings will have slight color and grain variations that may differ a little from the photo shown.

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