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Wood and Stone Inlay Hawaii Titanium Rings®

As we all know, Hawaii is famous for the eclectic beauty it has to offer. The same goes for our jewelry.  Our Hawaii Titanium Rings® vary in shapes, sizes, designs and, of course, materials. That is why, in addition to Koa wood and Australian Opal, Hawaii Titanium Rings® offers wood, stone, gem and mineral inlay rings to our customers.

Wood, stone, gem and minerals may seem like ordinary materials we use every day. But, in Hawaiian art and design, they are building blocks for beautiful and reliable products. As you'll see below, we use them in more ways than one, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from at low, affordable prices.

With all of these options, finding the perfect ring can be a bit confusing to some. Thankfully, the Hawaii Titanium Rings® staff is available at all times, in person or over the phone, to answer your questions about our products. Since 1997, we've been providing the best Hawaiian art out there for your wedding and engagement rings, so hopefully, you can join in, too.

For more information on our wood, stone, gem and mineral rings, contact Hawaii Titanium Rings® today!