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 Hawaii Titanium Rings® Gemstone and Mineral Descriptions-Part 2

Here is a list of the gemstones mentioned below:

Available Gemstones O-Z:

  1. Orange Calcite
  2. Opal
  3. Peridot
  4. Pearl
  5. Pyrite
  6. Rhodocrosite
  7. Shell
  8. Sugilite
  9. Ruby
  10. Tigers Eye
  11. Turquoise
  12. Tourmaline
  13. Ulexite

Orange Calcite is an unusual and unique mineral and is considered an organic gemstone like pearl, amber, or coral. Calcite is the main ore in Calcium and is the main ingredient of chalk. It is used in many industrial applications such as cement and chemicals yet it is a popular collectors stone for its rare existence. You will not usually see Orange Calcite in jewelry as it is fragile, but under our rings durable coating it is sealed and protected. There are so many uses and applications metaphysically for Calcite!

Zodiac: Leo

Energy: Reconciliation, Cleansing, Distance Healing

Powers: Grounding, Peace, Energy Amplification


Opal was declared Australia's gemstone in 1994 and is one of the most rare and valuable gemstones in the world. Opal boasts every color of the visual spectrum with luster and movement. It has been a famous myth that English Diamond Merchants, 130 years ago, tried to protect their market by spreading many lies about Opal's value and influence. The truth is, Opals are lucky and were considered stones of good fortune for centuries before the rumors began.

Month: October
Zodiac: Libra, Cancer, and Pisces
Symbol for: Fidelity, Preserving Life, Assurance, Hope
Energies: Protection, Healing


Black             Rainbow
Light Blue       Green             Red

Lightning Ridge Opal, from Australia is soon to be a collector’s item because of its extinct status.
Lightning Ridge, Australia is a town in New South Wales; it is known to have the largest deposit of black and colored opal in the world. It has been mined almost to extinction, insuring its increasing value. The name Lightning Ridge gets its name from some passersby who found a farmer, his dog, and 600 sheep dead from being struck by lightning. It has become a flourishing tourist town since opal was discovered in the early 1900's.
It is found in rock deposits that occurred in a fresh water environment called The Great Artesian Basin about 110 million years ago. Now it is mined at depths between 3 feet and 90 feet called "The Opal Level".
Red Opal is the rarest of all Opals.
Hawaii Titanium Rings® has a limited supply of Lightning Ridge Opal, red, blue, green and black, iridescent colors reflecting and refracting light.
Lightning Ridge Opal from Australia was mined from one cave that is now close to extinction.
Unique rare Opal Titanium Ring Set for men and women’s wedding, anniversary, birthday, or special union. Opal is the traditional October birthstone and 14th year wedding anniversary gemstone.
Lightning Ridge Opal has a spectrum of colors from another world.

Read more about the town of Lightning Ridge here:



Black Peacock      Blue Peacock       Black Kiwi             Blue Kiwi   

Black Fire n Ice     Blue Fire and Ice

Blue Azure              Blue Marine            Red                         Black Lab Opal

Synthetic Opals are real Opals grown in a laboratory with perfection as a goal; creating new and exciting colors never seen before. Dancing light and color fragments from another galaxy reflecting and refracting with your every move and under any light.


Peridot is a creamy green, also called Olivine because of its olive-green color and is one of the few gemstones that occur only in one color. The name Peridot is Greek roughly translated "to give richness". It has been used for jewelry inlay by the Egyptians since the 2nd millennium B.C. The ancient Romans named Peridot "the stone of the evening" because its radiance and color remain even in artificial light. Peridot is the gemstone for August and is believed by wearers to bring good luck, success, and peace. It is found everywhere, even in Hawaii, as it occurs naturally in volcanic rock, forming deep below the surface of the Earth and emerges with volcanic eruptions. Hawaiian legend says that Peridot represents the tears of Pele.  If you visit the Big Island head out to our Green Sand Beach on the southern tip of the Island to view one of the biggest Peridot deposits in the world.

Month: September
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Libra
Energies: Heightens Awareness, Stress Relief, Purifying


White Pearl with faint but brilliant colors and a creamy satin finish, reflecting and refracting light with its translucent texture. Creating movement with layers of swirling hues and radiant luster, White Pearl is unparalleled in the gem world.  

Traditional Birthstone: June, November

Recommended for Monday                                                     

 Zodiac: Cancer

Traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift, also given on the 3rd,12th, and 30th year anniversaries      Energies: Luckiness, Happiness, Love    



Black Pearls are one of the rarest gems in the world, one hundred times rarer than the White Pearl. Dimensions of intense colors and velvety texture; never seen before. Black Pearl contains an underwater rainbow from sea-leaf green to silver-moon blue, from pink melon to cranberry-Bordeaux, from indigo eggplant to midnight black.


Pyrite or Fool’s Gold is a surprisingly beautiful inlay with lustrous metallic bronze colors of green, gold and silver. It was named after the Greek name for fire because it sparks when knocked. The Inca’s used to use Pyrite as mirrors.



Rhodocrosite is a pale pink but vibrant gemstone mineral. It grows in cool temperatures along ore deposits and was first found in Romania's silver mines and later Argentina. The name is translated as "rose-colored" and it is considered to be a powerful stone metaphysically, known as "The stone of love and balance". Physically it is said to help with eyesight and migraines. Also aids with blood pressure, circulation, kidney and joint problems. Emotionally, Rhodocrosite helps stimulate a positive attitude, improves balance and self image.

Birthstone for September

Zodiac: Cancer

Power stone for Virgo.


Our Hawaiian Sea Shell and Sand inlay is full of tiny Puka Shells and Sea remnants from Mother Ocean; whether from your collection or ours, the memories of your stroll on the beach are encapsulated to enjoy forever.


Pink Sugilite      Purple Sugilite

Sugilite is a deep passionate neon pink or indigo purple gemstone with tinges of blue and purple flecks. The brightness of Sugilite changes with the amount and type of light it is exposed to and then changes back again. Pink Sugilite is one of the newest precious gems introduced to the market, discovered in 1944 by Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi. Since that time it has been discovered in Canada, Australia, India, and South Africa.

Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius
Energies: Balance, Understanding, Comfort


The name Ruby comes from the Latin term, rubeus, meaning red. It is the next hardest mineral next to the Diamond and has a similar luster as well. Rubies vary in color and it is not determined why each deposit yields a different tone. The most valuable Ruby on the market is the "pigeon's blood" for its pure red color with a hint of blue.
The biggest, most important deposits are in Burma, Thailand, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. They are mined at depths up to 26 feet and only 1% of Rubies mined are of gem quality, making them one of the most expensive gems. Ruby is the birthstone for July and the gemstone for Cancer.

Recommended for Tuesday
Birthstone: July and December
Zodiac: Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aries
Energies: Clarity, Wisdom, Passion


Red Tigers Eye      Gold Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is the planetary stone for Gemini, and the traditional gem for the ninth wedding anniversary. It is a member of the quartz family and one of the chatoyant stone; known for its silky lustrous texture and swirling bands of color and dimension. Red, gold, black, yellow, green and blue thin fibrous ribbons and veins run throughout this intriguing stone. Tiger’s eye is mined in the USA, Canada, Western Australia, South Africa, India, Nambia, and Burma. Many legends and much folklore have been handed down regarding this type of quartz.

Traditional: November
Zodiac: Gemini
Energies: Healing, Recovery


Blue Turquoise

Green Turquoise
Turquoise is a rare and valuable mineral that has rich history in Persia, Sinai, and the United States. The name means "Turkish stone" because it was first brought to Europe through Turkey. For more than 2000 years Persia/Iran has remained a plentiful source; the domes of Iranian Palaces were covered with Turquoise because its sky blue color is a symbol of heaven on earth.
In Sinai, Turquoise was mined by the Egyptians on a peninsula called the "Country of Turquoise". It is believed to be one of the oldest known mines in the world. The Turquoise that comes from this mine is greener and more translucent than others found in other areas.
The Southwest United States is an abundant source of Turquoise; the oldest mines are found in New Mexico. Arizona currently leads the industry with the best quality Turquoise on the market.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe, Arizona currently produces the most valuable Turquoise available. The Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona, is the source of one of the most beautiful Turquoises ever discovered; a burst of bright sky blue color with a silky smooth even texture. An outstanding quality Turquoise, considered one of the most prized on the market, valued for its solid color and minimal matrix. The Sleeping Beauty Mine has been producing less and less. The majority of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is now acquired from trade connections with large collections accumulated over the years. Read more on our Blog:


Recommended for Wednesday
Traditional Birthstone: December
Planetary Stone: Aquarius
Zodiac: Taurus, Sagittarius, and Virgo
Anniversary Gemstone: 5th and 9th Wedding Anniversary
Energies: Safety, peace, Happiness



In the late 1800's Tourmaline became known as the American gem from a book written by Tiffany gemologist George F. Kunz who wrote about the amazing specimens found in California and Maine. In the early 1900's the largest source of Tourmaline in California came from several mines in San Diego which relied heavily on Chinese trade but the industry went belly-up with the collapse of the Chinese government in 1912. New colors have been found in Brazil making Tourmaline one of very few gemstones containing such a large array of colors. In the metaphysical world, it is believed to empower the body, mind, and spirit and was used by artists and writers to enhance creativity.

Traditional: October

Ulexite is a silky, white fibrous mineral with a crystalline texture. It is known to be internally reflective, conducting light throughout its fragmented character, and is also known as the TV rock because of these optical transmissions. Named after Georg Ludwig Ulex, the German Chemist who discovered it, Ulexite is a complex mineral found in vein-like forms tightly packed in the Earth’s layers.
Physically, Ulexite helps treat eye disorders and rough skin.
Metaphysically, Ulexite is believed to give insight within and to see the superficial without. Its healing properties concentrate on recognizing problems and their solutions.
Zodiac: Gemini
Energies: Clarity, Understanding, Resolution