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Opal Rings From Hawaii Titanium Rings®

When it comes to Hawaiian design, the possibilities are endless in terms of patterns and material. Hawaii Titanium Rings® strives to offer as many choices as possible to our customers, with a selection that essentially covers all the bases. That said, we are proud to present our limited edition Australian Opal Hawaii Titanium Rings®.

These items are created with Australian Opal, a rare material that is long-lasting and beautiful. Our engagement, wedding and anniversary rings come in red, blue, green and black, all of which are unique colors in their own ways. Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia, is soon to be a collectors item, as it can only be found in one place. We have a limited supply and encourage you to indulge in this luxury to add a special piece to your opal collection. With the durability of titanium and our protective coating, this is a ring you'll never forget nor ever have to replace.

Browse through our wide selection below, and let us know if you're having trouble finding the perfect ring. We've been working with Hawaiian designs and Australian Opal since 1997, and are more than happy to assist you with your preferences.

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