Koa Wood and Hawaiian Wood Rings

The beauty of Hawaii is like no other, and like the islands, our jewelry is known around the world for its unique look and charm. The floral designs of our islands are synonymous with our shores, and the same applies for Hawaii Titanium Ring's wedding and engagement bands, some of which are made of the fine material known as Koa wood.

The Koa wood of Hawaii is an exceptionally strong and resilient wood, long-lasting under rougher conditions. This coupled with the true strength of titanium and our durable protective coating is exactly what is needed out of an engagement ring or wedding band. Koa wood is perfect for you and your loved ones, which is why our extensive selection of wedding and engagement bands offers it in addition to our other products.

Koa wood is a one-of-a-kind material, but comes in many colors and its grain designs vary. Be sure to tell us what it is you're looking for, so we can best fit you. We want you to leave with a ring you'll love wearing everyday, and that'll only happen if we hear your questions and feedback.

For more information on our Koa wood rings, contact Hawaii Titanium Rings today!