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 The four November Birthstones are citrine, topaz, pearl, and chrysoprase but we only inlay pearl because the citrine and topaz lose their color when crushed, and the chrysoprase is too valuable. We will inlay round cut chrysoprase, citrine, and topaz, but they must be under 2.6mm.


Pearl is also the traditional birthstone for June and is probably the most popular gemstone we inlay. We have both black and white and they are mesmerizing in any light! The black has a surprisingly vast amount of color that reflects with movement. The men are especially attracted to this stone. One of our biggest selling designs has a thin band of black pearl positioned offset in between Koa Wood.

Black Pearl Ring Black Pearl and Koa wood Ring


The White Pearl is a creamy, silky textured gem and the most iridescent stone we carry. Besides its Birthstone status, it is also popular as a wedding band for men and a stack ring for women to wear next to their engagement band. The white pearl compliments diamond rings and unexpectedly looks masculine on a man's hand. 

White Pearl Ring  Mens White Pearl Wedding Band

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