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Pearls are gemstones that have long been known to hold powers. There are a variety of colored pearls including white, black, gold, pink and freshwater. Black Pearls are black because they come from black-lipped and other oysters which secrete black nacre. In this article we will discuss black pearls in particular as a power stone.

Pearls come from a water environment and this contributes to their metaphysical properties. Water is known as a purifier. So the thought becomes, when you wear pearls are you purified? Many would agree that you are. The Hindu culture has recorded that Krishna found the first pearl and gave it to his daughter on her wedding day as a symbol of love and purity.

Black Pearls are the rarest color of the pearls and the higher the luster of a pearl, the more valuable it becomes. In mythology they are associated with wealth and prosperity and are said to bring good luck and abundance. It is believed that Black Pearls can protect a work site from accidents, and help a business prosper.

When a woman wears pearls she gains a sense of confidence and an extra spring in her step when going to work or just on a shopping trip around town. This may be attributed to the belief that Black Pearls also have healing powers. Wearing pearls is said to calm your temperament and demeanor, and to see life’s obstacles with an optimistic point of view. All Pearls are said to be in tune with women, especially pregnant women. If a woman is incredibly emotional or negative, while wearing pearls the negative energy is absorbed into the pearl.

Medicinally, it can relieve digestive problems, hormonal issues, relieve migraine headaches, exhaustion, and can even help lessen allergies. Drinking pearl water is said to balance hormone levels and simply wearing a pearl necklace can cure an aching head. Pearls are considered a powerful treatment for allergies as well as the common cold, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections.

You can use black pearls in combination with other gemstones or diamonds to amplify and purify their healing properties. Pearls used in combination with emeralds will draw out the negative energy. Their mystical powers can help the wearer overcome difficult problems in their lives. If you are looking to be protected from negative energy, or you have a goal that you are trying to reach, or an ailment you are trying to overcome black pearls can make all the difference in the world for you.