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October is an exciting month for birthstones. The six listed are opal, tourmaline, coral, jasper, aquamarine, and beryl. We do not crush the aquamarine or the beryl, but let's talk about the four birthstones we offer as ring inlays.



Black Opal from Lightning Ridge Lab Opals


We could write pages on Opal. we carry some of the most colorful and rarest in the world from Lightning Ridge, Australia, and we also have a rainbow of ten different Lab Opals that we love working with. View them in rings online here:





Tourmaline  Tourmaline Ring

Black as night, with a galaxy of tiny blue and white specs, this stone is very mystical both in appearance and in reputation. It is said to be used by artists and writers to inspire their creativity.


3. Coral

Red Coral  White Coral

We offer red and white coral for inlay. The white coral is popular for couples who met on the beach or who are having a beach wedding. It goes great paired with Koa Wood which is significant in Hawaiian weddings. Red Coral is rarer and has become a favorite for divers, but the bright orange hue is a perfect color for a summertime wedding. View online here:




4. Jasper

Red Jasper  Red Jasper Ring

The deepest red stone in our collection. Jasper is a dark auburn color. It compliments all skin tones and is perfect for Autumn weddings. 

For Planetary and Zodiac stones, October has even more to choose from. Article coming soon!