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Everyone loves to feel loved. We give tokens to one another to show our feelings and choose the most memorable object to bear the most significant meaning. We would like to pick a token that will last a lifetime such as a ring because it is a circle which is unbroken, unending, without beginning or end. It can also symbolize that your story comes full circle, just as a ring does. Here are other things that rings could mean.


As a child may give handmade bracelets to each other, good friends exchange rings as a symbol of their friendship and how they will always be there for one another.


Many use rings as a reminder of their commitment to wait until marriage. This can be given by a parent to a child, between a couple, or a promise you make to yourself as popularized by the Jonas Brothers who had worn chastity rings in the beginning of their career.


After spending a long time with someone, you will eventually feel ready to move together and start a new life with him/her. A ring can be the physical reminder of your love and promise to one other for as long as you live ‘til death you do part.


Even if the ring you give is not meant as an engagement, you may do what many couples do – give each other promise rings as a symbol of your monogamous commitment to each other.

Promise to Oneself

As quickly mentioned above, rings don’t really have to be given or received. You can use a ring as a symbol of abstinence from destructive behavior and vices you may or may not have been involved in.

A Symbol of Power

Rings can hold special power because of the authority and skill level of the wearer. A ring is worn to be recognized by others as someone who has a special and powerful position in the territory.

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