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Koa Wood and Gold Titanium Ring

One of the more original styles of ring we make at Hawaii Titanium Rings are rings inlaid with wood. The grain pattern of different woods have a lot of appeal for people who want a deeply natural look. When choosing any wood ring there is one major concern!

Avoid Solvents

All of our wood and stone inlay rings are sealed with a protective coating.  Such finishes are susceptible to exposure from solvents. The mildest consequence is that the finish can be clouded, dimming the surface of the ring. More severe exposure can include the degradation of the wood, causing it to be lost completely.

Don't Worry

All of our rings at Hawaii Titanium Rings have a lifetime warranty available and you don't have to buy it unless you need it. What that means is for any reason we will replace or remake your ring like new for $25. Drop it 300 feet off a radio tower and the inlay explodes, we will repair or replace it if you send us the original back! Take it 150 feet under water (carefully) and notice water damage, we will make it like new!

Hawaii Titanium Rings are Designed to be Worn

All of our rings are designed to be worn all the time! All we ask is if you are working with solvent or acetone please remove your ring or wear protective gloves. If by chance you damage your ring we are here to make it like new. We are an Original Titanium Ring artists and created the line of exotic inlays almost 20 years ago. Our wood inlaid rings come in tremendous varieties, and we can customize them to make the ring of your dreams. With the tips we’ve shared above, you’ll be well equipped to enjoy your ring and give it a long lifespan! Contact us to find out more today!