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Aloha! We sympathize with our international clients and keep our shipping charge to a minimum of $25 in anticipation that other countries charge duty and/or customs fees upon delivery. The cost is usually a percentage of the purchase price plus other taxes, but each region's  different and constantly changing.

The truth is our $25 shipping fee usually does not cover shipping costs, it sometimes costs us triple that or more! We take into consideration the extra cost our clients may be charged and hope their countries will be kind as well.

The reason customs tacks on extra fees is to discourage jewelry smuggling, and some countries are stricter than others. Certain countries like Russia and China do not allow any jewelry shipments from the United States whats-so-ever.

Many clients will have the ring shipped to a friend or family member in the USA who will be traveling to visit them soon or who will hold it until they can pick it up. Canada has a form you can fill out if you have traveled to the US, that will allow purchases delivered duty free up to a certain amount.

The international shipping laws must be obeyed and if not, we can be denied further shipments. The price paid for the rings must be declared, and proof of payment must be either inside the package or presented by the recipient. Rings sent back to us for resizing or refinishing will be returned as either $25 or $40 repairs, so the fees should be minimal.

Ring orders taken in Kona can be rushed to the front of the production line to have ready for the client to wear on the plane home. A Hawaii Titanium Ring is the perfect keepsake to the remember your time on the Islands. You have traveled so far, don't leave Hawaii without taking a piece of the beauty and culture with you.