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At Hawaii Titanium Rings, we offer free inside engraving with your ring purchase. This is another way to make your ring have a personal touch and make your big day even more special. But what should you put in it? There isn’t a whole lot of room there, so people struggle with ways to express their feelings in such a small space. Here are a few tips.


  • Do you have a poem or song that you and your future spouse both love? Pick a short lyric to have on the inside of the band- it can even be a secret between you two! Speaking of secrets, do you have an inside joke from your past you would like to have be a part of your future? This is a unique way to include something memorable.
  •  Adages and Bible verses are another popular choice. Is there one that has a special meaning to you, or, maybe part of your wedding ceremony vows? These are great words to keep alive after the wedding day. 
  • Another unique idea is to include something in another language. It might be from somewhere you two visited or a phrase that holds special meaning to you. Many clients have us translate what they want to say into Hawaiian. 
  • To save on space, you might wish to use dates, instead. Have the month, date, and year engraved; whether it be the wedding, the day you first met, or maybe even the birth date of a child, it is something that is special to you and should be kept with you. What a great way to never forget your anniversary! 
  • Do you have pet names for each other? Include them on the rings! No one has to know, right?
Whatever the case might be, there are a lot of things that you can include in your one of a kind piece. Make it something that matters to you!