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What should I engrave? A frequent question here at Hawaii Titanium Rings! Our clients sometimes put more thought and time into what message goes on the inside of the ring than what design goes on the outside. We have waited months while people ponder, even meditate on their special message of love. Helping people figure out what to say in their ring has become one of our favorite parts of the ring sale. So what should you engrave? Here is a small list of engraving ideas to help:

1. Song Lyrics- My recent favorite was, “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.”
2. Surprise Message- A great example, “Why is your ring off?”
3. Nickname-We laughed out loud when we engraved, “To My Stinkerbell.”
4. Wedding Date- They will never forget an anniversary!
5. Inside Joke- Only they know what, “Can you tell...” means.
6. Phone Number or Driver's License- Yes, we have about 3 men a week who have lost their ring, it is a good idea to give the finder some way to find you.
7. Funny Comments- “World's Tiniest Handcuffs”, cracked us up!
8. Symbols- We can do simple symbols like hearts and infinity signs. Recently we engraved the Leo sign, a heart, then the sign for Sagittarius.
9. GPS Coordinates- So romantic to engrave the longitude and latitude of the place where you met.
10. Hawaiian Engraving-”Mau Loa” is a popular Hawaiian phrase meaning basically, Love Forever. It is translated as, “The time we have” and it is a simple way to say it all.


~From 28 cents in gas to now

~Wife and kids names in Hawaiian

 Please contact us for help if you want a Hawaiian engraving or we use this website if you want to create on your own:


The engraving only takes us five minutes so leave us a note at checkout if you want more time to think. Call us anytime you need suggestions or assistance.