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Did you know we get three men a week who have lost their rings?!

Yes, it is always the men for some reason; it has become a phenomenon at Hawaii Titanium Rings and the reason for this blog! Many lose their ring in the ocean , and we joke with them that their sacrifice will ensure their water safety. In fact it was a man who lost his ring in the Kona ocean the same day he bought it that started our “Recently Bought Lost Ring Discount”.

A few of the lucky ones find their rings, though, so retrace your steps and look in all the places you used your hands since the last time you saw your ring. The hamper, washer, and dryer are must places to look because sometimes rings come off when reaching into pockets and then end up in the laundry.

Gloves are another place rings are typically found because they sometimes stay put when you pull off your mitt. Always search the area around where you removed your gloves too! An EMT found his ring on the floor of the Helicopter the day after he did a night rescue; the chopper was too loud for him to hear his ring when it hit the floor.

Husbands, be sure to tell your wives you lost your ring! We went to call one gentleman to confirm his shipping information and reached his wife instead who did not know her husband has lost his ring. Even, if you lose your ring multiple times and a couple of our clients have. A favorite client and local wife in Kona called us more than upset to order her husband his third ring and I worried for the man's life. Luckily, she found it in the dryer the next day:)

Here is a story from one of our local clients(P.S. ah ah is sharp lava rock:)

I lost my custom HTR 20th wedding anniversary ring about a year ago. After looking "everywhere" my wife and I accepted it as dearly departed. In July this year, while working on an ah-ah wall, suddenly I found my ring lodged among the rocks. It was seriously weather worn like a castaway stranded on an uncharted island. Sheepishly, we took it to HTR, and you guys brought it back to life in full luster. My wife and I are thrilled to be reunited again through our HTR rings. Mahalo!!!