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 Round cylindrical bar of solid titanium used to cut out titanium rings

Many clients ask us if we inlay gold or silver rings, but we have always and will always inlay titanium because it is the only metal strong enough to hold the wood and stone.

Gold and silver are soft metals and will conform to your finger, bending the shape of the ring and loosening the inlay. Tungsten will hold the inlay but if dropped on a hard surface, shatters. Titanium is forever, making your ring a treasure to last for generations.

Our inlay techniques were originally designed by us and we are continually developing new exciting custom styles to guide your imagination. The solid strength of titanium is the reason we can produce, showcase, and preserve intricate designs that last a lifetime.

If you want the best of both worlds, we inlay gold and silver to accent the titanium and other inlays. Titanium is a great way to preserve your gold and a beautifully unique way to match your mate's gold band.

Pink Ivory and Silver Titanium Ring