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Hawaiian Koa tree with a large top in a misty mountain

My respect for the Koa tree has grown 100-fold in my research of this ancient symbol of strength and wisdom and its prized wood. The rich history surrounding Koa made me want to study the origin of every tree on the planet, but something told me none would compare to this mighty breed. Sprouting from what must have been lava; one Koa seed quickly canopied the Hawaiian Islands and became a lifeline not only for the ecosystem but for its not-yet-present human inhabitants. 

A true unsolvable mystery how the first Koa seed arrived to the islands and the fact is it grows nowhere else naturally. Was it a floating gift from Mother Ocean? A stow-away in a storm-carried bird? No one will ever know for sure. What is known is that the Koa tree would provide added prosperity and sophistication to the culture and of its native settlers.

The trees began their journey by cultivating fertile soil for farming with strong aerating root systems and nitrogen-rich leaf compost. The Koa's umbrella-like awnings manipulated the climate, creating micro environments and sanctuaries for shade species at many elevations. Dry lava deserts were transformed into lush tropical forests and by the time bipeds set foot on Hawaii's shore, the landscape was alive with a habitat of flourishing plant life, birds, and insects along with visiting turtles and seals.

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