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Titanium bars


Did you know that titanium has only been available to the public since 1988? Before its first public appearance, titanium was classified by the military for use in things such as the SR-71 Black Bird fighter jet and Russian submarines. Not unlike the government, we see a lot of value in titanium. Today it is used in the creation of things like golf clubs and airplanes. We think titanium is the absolute best metal to use when making jewelry and here’s why:

Strength and Weight of Titanium

After all, Titanium’s name is derived from the Greek Titans. Known for their large size and great strength, the Titans were the perfect namesake. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. This means that even though it is extremely lightweight, you can expect your Titanium ring to last forever. In its natural state, Titanium is as strong as steel, but weighs less than half. In comparison, white gold and silver are easily dented when worn daily. Titanium rings are ideal for those who work outdoors or in active environments, as they will not lose their shape, break, or dent like rings made from gold or silver. 


Titanium looks a lot like white gold or silver. But because of its strength, we are able to utilize titanium in a variety of different ring designs. We can alter the design of your ring to fit your personal style. They are adaptable for either men or women, and can be made formal or decorative. You are able to choose other materials to incorporate into your rings as well. From gold and silver, to deeply colored koa wood or gemstone inlays, you will be able to find a custom design that will appeal to your individual style. 


Some metals are known to turn your finger green or cause allergic reactions. This is because they are mixed with other metals that don’t react well with human skin.  Titanium is sometimes combined with other metals for greater strength and durability but remains 100% hypoallergenic. It’s so safe for humans that it is even used in the creation of surgical implants. 


Compared to gold and silver, titanium is more widely available. Because of this, we can provide it to you at a much lower price. Titanium can be found and used in its natural state without any modification or added metals (unless you want us to!).  

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