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Ruby gemstone and 3 of our Hawaii Titanium Rings inlaid with ruby

If you are looking to buy a ring for that special someone in your life and their birthday is in July, there is no better ring to buy than one with a Ruby, their birthstone. Rubies throughout history have been one of the most highly prized gems.

Rubies are second in hardness only to diamonds and to find a ruby with excellent quality can be quite rare. The color of the ruby is also an important factor in valuing the gem. The most valued coloration is a vivid medium red to a slightly mix of purple and red. If the gem has too much orange as part of its color it may be considered to be a sapphire.

As far as ancient legends go, Rubies are said to provide health, wisdom, and success in love having an internal flame (which gives it its red color) that cannot be extinguished. If it was a time of war, the Ruby was believed to guarantee safety while battling enemies. The ruby is also mentioned within passages in the Bible.

Rubies are great to be given as gifts. Rubies are commonly displayed in jewelry including: rings, earrings, watches, pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and cufflinks. One important detail that you would want to tell the recipient of your gift is that Rubies actually have the power to change in color. It is an incredibly rare occurrence but it can happen.

No matter how you choose to package the birthstone, it will be valued and enjoyed for years to come by the loved one that receives the gift for their July birthday.