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Stacked Titanium rings with wood inlays - Hemlock from Oregon, Palm, Walnut, Pau Amarelo, Jarrah, Maple, Black Ebony, Amboina, Mac Nut

Wood is the new gemstone as designers are discovering the colorful, lustrous qualities it adds to their jewelry creations. Elegant and natural, wood offers complementary earthy tones for both men and women who are choosing wood over diamonds for their wedding band inlay. Each piece of wood is different like fingerprints of the forest making every ring, earring, or pendant an original. The grain pattern tells a story from the tree’s timeline, which could include hundreds of years and wood has the brilliance and color to compete with the world’s most precious gems.

The chatoyant quality of Koa wood inspired Jerry Guire, owner of Hawaii Titanium Rings, to create a Wood Inlay Collection almost 20 years ago; a collection that now has over 40 wood choices. Thousands of rings later, one interesting aspect has been the many reasons why people choose specific wood. Most choices are based on the color or grain texture. Some choose a wood for where the tree grew, and some for the same reasons they would choose a gem.

Often, people choose a wood from their place of birth or youth and each country and state has their chosen tree, usually native to the region. Hawaii is the only exception with its State Tree being the Kukui Nut Tree, from Malaysia, but the most prized and popular wood Hawaiian Island residents and visitors choose is Koa. Recently, client’s requests are more localized like the wood from the tree that blooms in their city streets, or the trees that line their neighborhood, or even from a tree in their yard.

A father recently sent us a piece of Dogwood to make rings for his son who married the girl next door from the tree they swung on as kids. A simple idea became a special gift and heirloom they can pass down for generations to come. What better way to preserve the tree and your memories. We did the same for a couple who sent us a piece of wood from their house that they lost to a tornado; the spirit of their house will live forever and they can carry it with them wherever they go.

Wood possesses not only the beauty to rival Earth’s gemstones but the metaphysical capacity as well. The Celtics have Tree Astrology; like the Zodiac or Birthstone chart, but with trees instead of signs, associating their respected trees with human characteristics and birth dates. The Native American culture believes each tree offers life lessons and gifts in the form of power and wisdom. Tree symbolism has been practiced by many cultures and religions and reflects the meaningful relationship people have shared with trees for centuries.

Whether the wood is chosen for locality, aesthetic, or spiritual belief, it always holds “deep-rooted” significance. Ancient concepts and state-of-the-art technology have merged so that birthstones and power stones can now be paired with “Birthwood” and “Power Wood”. An innovative new facet in the modern jewelry world that has multiplied design options and given precious gems a run for their money.