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Labradorite is a smoky gray mineral gemstone reflecting flashes of rainbow colored hues and a brilliant metallic iridescence. So unique in character, it initiated the name Labradorescence, now referring to any gem with inner fissures that reflect the light back and forth and create color. It was named after the town where it was first found by missionaries on the Peninsula of Labrador in East Canada, and since has been discovered worldwide.

The power surrounding Labradorite reaches the wearer on a mental, physical, and subconscious level. Healing properties include detoxing the body especially respiratory health and hormonal balance. Brain function is said to improve disorders caused by injury or birth defects. Internally, it aids in digestion and metabolism, and even gout. Labradorite holds a lovely energy that eases the mind, body, and soul relieving stress inside and out.

Men and women levitate towards this stone for its masculine and feminine qualities. The dark color is a perfect muted hue for men to avoid the flashy appearance of jewelry and women are drawn to the intense transformation and variety of hidden colors that come alive with every turn. Labradorite appeals to all genders and demographics for its Earthly characteristics that resemble something from another world.

The dull appearance of this unique rock and its ability to reveal color with each beam of light resembles the myths and lore surrounding its power, as it is believed to help us see through the darkest times to the enlightenment and beauty each life experience brings. An awakening stone, Labradorite is said to lead you to your full potential by helping you recognize all possibilities.

Considered a Stone of Magic with mystical light that Shamans and Healers believe divides the conscious world from alternative dimensions. Labradorite protects us during travel from danger and misfortune in other realms as well as this existence.  It possesses powers that cross supernatural boundaries helping us peek into the past and future and communicate with the spiritual universe.

The popularity of this incomparable gemstone grows as people recognize its charm which has been overlooked greatly by the jewelry market. Its distinct beauty and diversity of style is appropriate for the casual and formal shopper because the gem can be worn with blue jeans or to a black-tie event. Choosing Labradorite for your inlay pays off for both men and women aesthetically, physically, and metaphysically, not only in this world, but in others unseen.

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