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In part one of this article, we explored the origins of the Koa tree and its importance to the Hawaiian islands. Now we'll look at how the wood from this rare tree is allowed to be acquired and the unique varieties of its grain.

Different lands produce different trees and those trees provide unique woods for the rest of the world. Due to the makeup of chemicals and elements within a region different woods can only be grown in specific areas.

Koa Wood is native to Hawaii and found only in the Hawaiian Islands. Because of the beauty these trees have in their wood they are illegal to cut down now that they have been over harvested. Koa wood can be procured from trees that have fallen on their own but they cannot be harvested.

Koa wood has unique characteristics that the wood market has categorized into three grades of Koa wood:

  1. Select Koa — straightest grain with rich color
  2. Curly Koa — variable grain almost wavy in texture with rich colors and 3d highlights
  3. Premium Curly Koa or Tiger Koa — extreme color with many 3d highlights and translucent tones      

Koa trees can grow to be very large. They can grow a few hundred feet tall and diameters over 10 feet wide. Many of the Koa trees do not make it this far because they have been harvested. Due to their enormous size and natural resistance to salt water their trunks were used for many years to make canoes to use as durable ocean vessels. The first Surfboard was most likely Koa wood.

Koa wood is extremely coveted and its beauty is unsurpassed. Our rings with Koa Wood are sure to be one of a kind as each tree wood is different reflecting the environment it grew in. They will be sure to impress and now with your knowledge of Koa wood you can explain the importance of the wood embedded in your titanium ring.

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