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Many people buying a ring are proposing so they ask us “How do I surprise my mate with a ring if I don’t know their size?” We have had to brain storm creative ways to get a finger size without the person knowing and considering the finger is attached to a hand, this was not easy. Here are some ways to get their size without them knowing what you are up to:

  1. Do they have a ring we can “borrow”? If they have a ring that fits that finger, you can take it to your local jewelers to get it sized, or send us the ring without them knowing when you order so we can size it.
  2. Casual Shopping Investigations! Go for a stroll after a meal through a shopping district and casually pick up a ring and try it on your finger like you are curious as to your own size. Most likely your mate will mimic your actions and you can both know what size fingers you have. You can present it as a fun fact or trivia, stating the fact that most people’s ring fingers are the same size as their shoe size and see if it is true for you.
  3. The riskiest of all is to get their size when they are asleep, they must be heavy-sleepers of course, and you will need a plastic ring sizer which you can order for a reasonable price online. When you go to size their sleeping appendage, we suggest you remove the sizer ring you suspect is correct as it will be connected to sizes 2-16 including ½ sizes and will be hard to slip on without making noise and waking your mate.
  4. Finally, if all else fails we offer a lifetime sizing guarantee and for $25 we will remake the ring when it is safe to get the correct size. You can peak at their shoe size when you are in the closet and order the ring accordingly; chances are it will be right.

Our rings come with a lifetime guarantee and you can change the size or upgrade to a different style anytime. We ship them in a discreet envelope, just indicate at checkout that it is a surprise and we will ship it without our company name. Surprising your mate with a ring is an exciting event for everyone and we are happy to be your partners-in-crime.