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Buying a ring online can be convenient but you need to ask the right questions to ensure you get exactly what you want. Rings are the most personal piece of jewelry you will buy; they are not usually taken off like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You look at your hand more than any other body part so it is important that you love looking at your ring. Here is a guideline to help you order the perfect ring.

First, call the company; you want to make sure there is a human being answering the company’s phone. If you cannot contact the company before you purchase, chances are you will not be able to reach them after the sale is made.

When you do talk to someone, be prepared with a list of questions and remember, if their customer service is not good their product will probably reflect that. Your first question should be about their guarantee and return policy because it will reveal their true level of customer service. If it seems that returning, sizing, or repairing your ring is going to be at all difficult, then this is not the company you should choose.

How long will the ring take to get to you? A very important question especially when getting married as some companies can take up to 6 months to make and ship a ring. We have a strict production schedule here at Hawaii Titanium Rings and mark all rings late after 10 working days; not easy for our guys as they hand make every ring starting with a solid bar of titanium which brings us to the next question:

Where is the ring made? Most companies are ordering their empty ring shells by the thousands from China.  The problem with this is that China has less regulations regarding the quality of their material whereas we use only Aerospace-grade, American-made titanium. Our wood inlay comes from forests with controlled harvesting and our gemstone from environmentally conscious mining sources. Some of our wood is protected by law and must be from fallen trees and branches. Asking where the materials come from is background information you will want when you go to have a conversation about your ring or want to order another.

Asking questions is important and we know this so we are quick to answer the phone, and often do at odd hours with the time difference in Hawaii. We are available via live chat during the week and answer our emails daily even on weekends because we know people sometimes wait until the last second to purchase their wedding band and time is fleeting. Couples are nervous enough without the worry of ruining the ring exchange at their ceremony. A company that is present with prompt answers is a company you can trust and they will most likely exceed your expectations.