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Titanium is the new gold for many people looking for durable wedding rings that will last forever, but lately the health benefits and metaphysical properties are getting the attention of homeopathic practitioners and health conscious couples. The government did not release titanium for public use until 1988 so the advantages of this metal are just now coming to light.

For starters, titanium is completely hypoallergenic, which is why it is used for surgical implants but recent studies show wearing titanium can relieve pain. Bracelets and athletic tapes are being worn by all demographics near their injury or area of discomfort with surprising results. This holistic approach is replacing pain medication for people of all ages and has athletes discarding constricting braces for flexible adhesive strips.

Titanium is also used to promote wellness by balancing the body’s electromagnetics. The constant electronic energy that flows through us can be greatly disrupted by the surrounding machinery that humans come in contact with. Imbalance symptoms can include stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, dizziness, and ringing ears. Wearing a titanium necklace is said to help maintain these electric waves that affect our muscular and nervous system.

Jerry Guire, founder and owner of Hawaii Titanium Rings, did not think about the healing aspects when he made his first titanium ring, he was a machinist making turbo chargers and Aerospace parts and had an idea to make the longest lasting ring. Since then Jerry has pioneered new techniques for ring design that have transformed the jewelry market. Inspired by the Hawaiian Island’s scenery and spirit, Jerry began to inlay wood and stone into the strength of titanium with true intentions of preserving Earth’s elements.

The marriage of nature and ring technology opened a new gateway for people to wear wood that held special memories and gemstones that empowered their lives. Wood not only from their visit to Hawaii, but from the tree they swung on as kids, or from their house that was destroyed by a tornado. Gemstones are worn not just for color and clarity, but to target ailments and ambition. Encasing pieces of history along with hopes and dreams were great ideas separately but the true wedding bliss came with the combination of both.

Wood next to stone in titanium is a revelation that has multiplied style possibilities into the thousands and each creation is one-of-a-kind. No longer are men and women bound to a plain band to accommodate their active lifestyles, they can wear diamonds that are flush with the ring’s surface embedded in wood. Designed for medicinal or metaphysical, memory or meaning, the extraordinary beauty of each piece is stunning and tells a story while it heals your past and guides your future.