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Wood rings are a perfect addition to your fall wedding wardrobe. What better time to showcase the season and eternal love; with one of Earth’s most noble and longest living treasures. Titanium wood rings are a triple-threat in jewelry for their looks, luster, and longevity. Wood looks amazing on both men and women especially with the protective coating bringing the wood to a shiny polished finish, and the titanium will literally last forever.

Choosing your wood is a fun and meaningful part of the ring design and clients’ wood decisions seem to be based on preserving memories. Brides and grooms are choosing the wood from trees that grew where they played as children or from a piece of heirloom furniture that was salvaged. Fall weddings are different because they are usually chosen for the scenery and what will photograph well with the color scheme.

Autumn leaves are a beautiful setting to any wedding and the yellow and orange wood rings such as Osage or Pau Amarello are perfect hues to match your backdrop. Redwood and Bloodwood rings look stunning embedded with diamonds and matching sets are being ordered so the rings can be made with the same cut of wood for added connection not only to the time of year, but to each other.

Contrasting wood bands inlaid together are now in high demand. Two Blackwood strips above and below a strip of golden Tiger Koa add elegance and accent a diamond with sophisticated style. Men and women are selecting up to five woods for inlay to represent each child or to showcase their favorite trees. For Fall colors the choices are many and you may not be able to view your ceremony scenery when you are buying rings but rest assured that with wood and Fall, you can’t go wrong. After all, wood is the reason for this season.