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Holiday Season is quickly approaching so what better time to make a Wishlist! Dream boards and Vision Collages are helping people achieve their goals more and more each day. Looking at a picture of the new car or house you desire every day is believed to turn what you visualize into a reality. Posters containing travel scenery, material luxuries, and even emotional states are covering walls for daily personal inspiration.

We recently installed such an app on our website when a gentleman came into our Hawaii Titanium Ring gallery with tired eyes. He claimed he had been up all night browsing our catalog and was frustrated when he could not easily keep track of the items he was interested in. I asked the client if he had a wish list, what functions would he like it to perform. He simply wanted a page where he could store his choices without adding them to the shopping cart.

Online shoppers are surfing the net for variety, price comparison, and convenience, and Pinterest has become the ultimate tool to store your internet dreams. Installing the Wishlist on our website enables visitors to keep a pin board on the Home Page that they can share and even print out. We have learned that many engaged couples shopping for wedding bands are not necessarily living in the same place yet, so this new storage device will be a fun and helpful way for people in different states to shop for rings together.

Thank you to the man whose browsing overdose led us to this useful upgrade. Our buyers shopping experience has improved and they are navigating the website with added ease and organization. The task of exploring our 900 designs is no longer confusing and frustrating, and customizing is a cinch now that clientele can pinpoint their favorite colors and characteristics.

Whatever you desire today, putting it into pictures and displaying it for the eye to see is proving to be more productive than an image in your memory. Decorate your life with your dreams and soon you may be living them.