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Wedding photographs are a big part of your “Big Day”, so here are some essential bits of information to help you avoid a wedding photo nightmare:

1. Ask what equipment will be used to shoot your event and ask to see the photographer’s past work and references. Discovering your wedding pictures are terrible after the fact is too late. The best referrals will come from your other wedding vendors so ask your wedding cake company or florist who they have worked with.

2. Did you know that just because you hire a wedding photographer to take your pictures doesn’t mean you own the photos? It is true! The photos will either need to be bought individually after the ceremony or negotiated for when the photography contract is signed. Make sure the contract has details regarding your photos and not just the services. You should also have in writing what services are provided; do not be stuck with 1000 unedited photos unless you are prepared with a photo editing program, editing experience, and lots and lots of time.

3. Set a deadline for your photographs! I have talked to couples approaching their one year anniversary who still did not have their photos. Discuss not only negatives, proofs, and photos but when and how they will be delivered.

4. Get specific when it comes to the moments you want to capture. The rehearsal dinner and photos of the bride and groom getting ready are memorable moments you do not want to lose so make sure they are included in the contract. Specify the people and wedding scenery you want included in your recorded memories; for instance, pictures of special people, wedding scenery, and pics of your rings.

5. Include troubleshooting into your wedding contract such as:

- What if there is equipment failure? What back-up plan does the photographer have in place?
- What if the weather does not hold up and the location changes. It is imperative that your photographer is equipped with the proper lighting for rain or shine.

Finally, I always suggest brides and grooms have a back-up photographer of their own. My mom hired a friend to photograph my wedding but he had too much to drink and most of the shots were blurry. I am still so thankful for my sister-in-law who was a hobby photographer and took beautiful shots! Whether you ask someone on the sly and slip them a camera or hand out 50 disposables to your guests you will find that you can never take enough photos of an event that happens only once.

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