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Gemstone rings are recognized worldwide, as treasures of a very personal kind. Nature provides us with a myriad of gemstone shapes, textures, and colors to inspire some of the most beautiful creations. White gemstones are some of the most popular, as they lend an air of opulence and tradition, to any piece of jewelry they adorn.

From Opal to Mother of Pearl; the characteristics of each white gemstone is unique unto itself. They are all beautiful, but distinct in many splendid ways. Here, we introduce to you, a few of the white gemstones in nature that adorn our timeless titanium rings. You can then choose the one that best suits your unique essence and personality.

Opal: Opal is a form of silica, and technically classified as a mineraloid. Opals reflect a multitude of internal colors. Being composed of close-packed silica spheres; opal produces its spectrum of colors by the interference and diffraction of light passing through. For most gemstone use, opals are normally polished and cut into cabochon. Thinner, less precious opals can be combined with other materials to form many other unique and beautiful gemstone looks.

Coral: Corals are what we call, marine invertebrates. They live in tightly compact colonies that include “reef builders”, which inhabit tropical ocean water, and create calcium carbonates that end up forming hard skeletal structures. Coral does come in many other colors, besides the coveted white coral, and is perfect for jewelry making; adding a natural and mystical essence to each piece.

Pearl: Pearls are some of the most well-known of the white/ivory gemstones. They begin life as a hard object that is formed within the shell of a mollusk. The quintessential, perfect pearl, is round and smooth; but they do form themselves into various shapes. The highest quality pearls are considered highly valued gemstones, and treasured as family heirlooms for many generations.

Ulexite: A lesser known, but incredibly beautiful gemstone, is ulexite. Sometimes called TV rock, ulexite is a mineral that forms itself into crystal white masses, similar to quartz clusters. Named for its German founder, chemist, Georg Ludwig Ulex; ulexite is an unusual gemstone often used for mystical and metaphysical purposes. Perfect for those who desire their jewelry to hold mysterious properties, combined with natural raw beauty.

Mother of Pearl: Nacre, more commonly known as mother-of-pearl, is a gorgeous iridescent gemstone used in many styles of jewelry and artistic creations. Produced by mollusks, as an inner shell layer; mother-of-pearl is strong, resilient, and is the same mineral that makes up the coating of the pearl. Mother-of-pearl’s array of colors comes from its hexagonal platelets of aragonite, which is a calcium carbonate; creating different wavelengths of light from different angles. Mother-of pearl is thought of by many gemstone and jewelry lovers, as classic and infinitely beautiful; never going out of style.

The beauty of jewelry made with these gemstones, is their timeless appeal. Gemstone rings are never trendy, but instead are fashionable and stylish in the way that Coco Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent designs still stand the test of time.