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A visit to the Islands always requires the purchase of souvenirs for friends and family back home so here are a few tips to help you select gifts they will cherish. Hawaii is a special place, rich in culture and history, so stay focused on gifts that keep Hawaiian traditions and legends alive.
- Where was the item made? Always look at the “Made in…” sticker. Many trinkets sold in Hawaii come from the Philippines or China; after all there are no factories here, so stay away from mass-produced items.

- Hawaiian edibles are delicious but not exactly a keepsake. They do make excellent holiday treats or “Thank-You” gifts for your house sitter though, so do consider the Hawaiian grown coffee, homemade tropical fruit preserves, and gourmet candies with Macadamia Nuts. There are even a few companies that will stick a stamp on a coconut and mail it to any state in the US.

- When shopping, think about taking a piece of the Islands home. Handmade items are your best bet and they come with a bonus true story of how and who and where. The Lauhala hats and bowls made to order on the side of the road are fun but they are big and bulky and hard to carry home in your luggage without being damaged. This is where you want to start thinking small and packable. Hawaiian Sarongs are great because they are light and don’t take up much space, also they can be used as furniture throws for those living in cold places.

- Jewelry! Hawaiian jewelry designers are producing some of the most innovative and unique collections on the market. In past years the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry consisting of gold bracelets and pendants carved with ancient symbols and love messages written in the Hawaiian language were the popular choice, but now there are a variety of talented artists creating jewelry that appeals to both men and women, which brings us to the final subject:

- Souvenirs for men! For many, shopping for a man can be the hardest task. Aloha shirts are great but some men do not enjoy wearing flowers or the busy patterns commonly found. There is one unexpected memento that is gaining popularity amongst men and that is Titanium Koa Wood Rings. Koa in titanium is the perfect match for a man with the Koa Tree being a Hawaiian symbol of strength and titanium being the strongest metal. All Koa wood products are a good choice for men but make sure to ask the company to let you see where their products are made, that will tell you if it is a true product of Hawaii.

Most importantly, do not spend too much time shopping and stressing, trying to include everyone in your souvenir quest. You will be exhausted and regret your wasted vacation time. Each island has their own street fair which can be a great way to experience all that the island has to offer including food, music, and art. You can get all your shopping done in a day and have a great time doing it!