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Many couples are getting creative with their choice of wedding bands; choosing bands that reflect either their culture, or spiritual beliefs. Celtic symbols and spiritual symbolism have become loved and revered by many, with its intricate, yet delicate designs.

Celtic designs are not just for the English, Irish, and Western Europeans, anymore; people of all cultures and religious and spiritual beliefs, are drawn to these ancient symbols. They are displayed on altars, clothing, tattoos, jewelry pendants, and now, wedding bands.

The history of the Celts is difficult to trace, so most of what we know about their culture is left to us in symbols. Artists and jewelry designers of each generation have kept the symbols alive; putting their own “twist” on them, eternalizing the beauty of these ancient images.

Here are a few of the most popular ancient Celtic symbols today, perfect for the expression of commitment and undying love:

The Celtic Heart

One of the most traditional and appropriate Celtic symbols for wedding bands, is the Celtic heart. This stunning heart design with its intricate swirled signature Celtic-art within its center is a perfect expression of love and loyalty for a wedding couple. Two Celtic hearts intertwined on a wedding band, speaks of two hearts merging into one; a wonderful choice for a wedding or commitment ceremony.

The Celtic Cross

For couples who want to express culture and belief, the Celtic cross is a beautiful and magical symbol of devotion to each other and their Divinity. Unlike any other cross design; the Celtic cross is ornate and a gorgeous display of Godly love and faith.

The Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot is a very familiar Celtic symbol that appeals to many cultures and generations. There are a few different variations of the Celtic knot design, with their own unique meanings. Also referred to as the “mystic knot” or the “endless knot” the Celtic knot symbolizes a continuous connection through its design and history.

One of its variations is called the Trinity knot, which is three-cornered, and represents the “three’s” of many religions and forms of spirituality; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; or a more New Age interpretation may be body, mind, and spirit.

The Dara Celtic knot is likened to the root system of an oak tree; representing a grounded and firm foundation within any relationship. The exquisite Celtic Five-Fold knot is another wonderful symbol for wedding bands, representing the integration of all the elements of existence being combined into one; earth, air, water, wind, and Spirit. This Celtic design is perfect for the couple seeking to display a more Universal belief system within their union.

There are a multitude of beautiful Celtic symbols, even the Celtic astrological symbols that can be engraved into a wedding band. Contact us with the design that tugs at your heart; and which part of Celtic history and culture you want to celebrate at your wedding.