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The health benefits of wearing titanium are coming to light. Recently, athletes are sending homeopathic messages into the mainstream about managing pain and balancing the body’s system. Some of the world’s winning sports teams are wearing titanium tape as part of their uniforms to mask their discomfort and increase performance. Major League Baseball players are wearing titanium chains around their necks to realign their electrical fields and relax stiff, tired muscles.

Professional athletes are just a small percentage of the population benefiting from wearing titanium. The lightweight feel suits everyone with active lifestyles and the 100% hypoallergenic quality is perfect for all skin. So far, fitness and fashion have only utilized titanium’s energy, but now its durability is coming into play. Men and women are wearing rings and pendants embodying healing elements and turning their jewelry boxes into metaphysical medicine cabinets.

Titanium is the ideal metal, not only to wear, but to hold an inlay without bending or shattering. It is this unique trait that has helped transform and transition titanium jewelry into medicinal multitasking tools. People are promoting wellness by combining the strength of titanium with the power of stones. A health conscious generation is accessorizing according to what ails them.

Gemstones in medicine is not a new-age concept; before crystals were used to conduct electricity in your TV and computer, ancient physicians prescribed them like pills or ointments. Swallowing them or laying them against the skin was said to allow the electromagnetic waves to flow throughout the body as a healing current. As the world turns more and more to old-school remedies, stones are now used to treat everything from cancer to drug addiction.

Returning to our therapeutic roots is a sign that people are not happy with modern medicine, but taking advantage of new knowledge and techniques makes perfect evolutionary sense. Titanium is the unbreakable chain in this cycle, giving us an alternative to pharmaceuticals and an opportunity to improve our fashion. Whether the condition calls for physical, emotional, or spiritual therapy; titanium and gemstones are helping without the risk of side effects.