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                                                                  Hemlock Wood

  Clients often ask, “What is the lightest wood you carry?” Our new stock of Hemlock wood is the winner. We were introduced to Hemlock by a gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon that carries our rings; the gallery is located on a road called North Hemlock, so what better wood rings to offer.

  We were surprised when the wood came in how beautiful it was and when we inlaid it in a ring we were astonished. Never had we seen such extraordinary grain texture in a wood. The pattern is evenly-spaced, straight and vertical with an intense three dimensional aspect. Hemlock looks like it was pieced together with blonde basewood and subtle tan folds that fade into each other.

 The bark of the Hemlock tree was more valuable than the wood until the end of the 1900's as leather tanners and fur skinners used it to make their goods soft and strong. Many of these conifers were stripped and left to die before the construction boom in the 40's hit. Fortunately, today Hemlock forests are regulated and the wood is considered a favorite of builders and woodworkers for its beauty and strength.

 Wood that compliments all skin types is usually very light or very dark and Hemlock falls into this category. The lighter woods have even a bigger advantage because they look great paired with all gemstone colors. Whether you are a native Oregonian or just appreciate the best of nature, Hemlock is the newest excitement in the wood world.