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Pau Amarello Wood from Brazil

Yellow wood is hard to find! Pau Amarello is one of the only woods with this bright yellow color. The tree is found mainly in the State of Para, Brazil and the only thing more vibrant than the wood is the tree's bloom of fragrant yellow flowers.

Local Brazilians have many uses for the tree; the wood is used to dye fabric and craft objects, the fruit is made into juice and wine, and the foliage and bark are brewed into pain relief medicine for hernia and toothaches.

Worldwide, the wood is used mostly for decorative furniture and accent pieces, such as chess boards. The wood turns to a darker shade when exposed to air, so the only way to keep this sunny saffron color is to seal it with a lacquer or resin.

Preserved in one of our rings, the wood stays true to its virgin hue and the clear coating gives the wood a satin appearance. Pau Amarello has become a favorite for woodworkers to build with and for our wood specialist to inlay because it is one of those woods that requires little work and a rewarding finish.