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 “Titanium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust… its everywhere; it’s in the trees, it’s in the fish we catch….” explains Jerry. He goes on to say that it’s the processing of Titanium that limits its abundance. Like any precious metal it must be boiled, but at about 3600 degrees, three times the heat used to process gold.
Before the government unclassified Titanium in 1988, it was for military use only. In WWII, Russia used it to make their submarines; later on, Lockheed used it to make the All-Star SR-71 Black Bird fighter jet. Chosen mainly for its strength and its lightweight qualities, titanium was also well-suited for companies making surgical implants or golf clubs, but there were no Titanium rings on the market when Jerry started producing them. Using Titanium to make rings was genius, not only for the lightweight strength and glimmering shine, but it’s completely hypo-allergenic and probably the most comfortable ring you’ll ever wear.

 Over the years Jerry Guire has created rings that you won’t find anywhere else because he personally developed the methods used to design the embedded inlays. The inlays are made from a selection of almost 40 types of rare stones and 48 exotic woods.

 On the day of our interview Jerry had just come from purchasing a rare black opal found inside but one cave in Lightning Ridge, Australia. The Lightning Ridge Black Opal is striking, a bluish opaque stone containing a kaleidoscope of colors, it captivated me. The cave has since been mined almost to extinction and the last bits of this stone are now panned for like gold.

Jerry doesn’t need to refer to notes; he knows the history behind each stone and piece of wood he uses in his inlays. The woods come from all over, their colors representing their origin, and 10 of them can be found only in Hawaii. Jerry has pieces of trees that are 1500 and 3000 years old, most of them coming from people who own land with trees that have fallen or sunk from excessive weight. It was the beauty of the endemic Hawaiian woods that inspired Jerry to design patterned inlays combining wood grains and precious stones. Tribal patterns and symbols embedded into the inlays are intricate and personal, giving life to each ring.

Like a diamond cutter, he has kept his design secrets in the family by teaching family members and someday his sons. Carolyn, his beautiful wife, with matching intelligence, runs the business side and is a calming balance to Jerry’s Type-A personality. She has headed up the accounting department at some of Kona’s biggest companies and now she is helping build this one up to the same magnitude. Nonetheless, the culmination of their talents and hard work has not resulted in a fast-paced, monetary based lifestyle, but rather a creative, productive, family-orientated atmosphere. Surrounding the workshop and office is an amazing garden that symbolizes the refreshing way they utilize elements while conducting business.

Hawaiian Titanium Rings emanate a strong presence; combining newly sculpted aerospace metal, extinct iridescent stones and patterns of tree growth thousands of years old. The brunette wood tones against glimmering stone galaxies set into solid grey sheen compliment even the most unattractive finger.

The rings’ assorted components denote the diversity of people that they appeal to. Dominating my first impression of the rings was their strength blended with intricate design, so it makes sense that they appeal to both sexes and every class of people. Clientele range from world renowned diamond cutters to famous rock stars; from business woman to bartending broads like myself. Breaking sexual and cultural barriers is an amazing feat in the world of jewelry design. Jerry integrated his talents to create not only jewelry but pieces of wearable art that encapsulate history and memories.