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Choosing from hundreds of titanium ring inlay ideas does not have to be overwhelming; in fact it should be the most exciting part of your custom order. Consider first, the occasion for which the ring is being given and take it from there. An engagement or wedding calls for a diamond, a birthday should have a birthstone, and every anniversary year has a traditional gem, but for an embedded titanium ring, the inlay fun has just begun. Titanium rings are the dawn of a new age in stone placement and have reinvented the gem cluster. The key with titanium inlays is to choose the best inlay to compliment and showcase your gem. Here are a few tips:

1. Consider the color of your gem when selecting your backdrop. Encompass the stone you want to feature with a contrasting landscape. Diamonds should be classified as white, shining brightest in the darkest settings, such as wood and stone in warm shades of ebony, chocolate, indigo, and Bordeaux. Frame darker gems, like Pigeon-Blood Rubies, in illuminating arenas for example; creamy, white, pearly stones or golden, honey-blonde wood. Colored gems are a different story as they tend to reflect the colors around them. We solve this problem by setting the stone in a gold or silver seat to keep the color inside the stone reflecting upward.

2. Other precious metals should not be forgotten just because you prefer a titanium ring; titanium is the best metal to consider adding gold or silver as an inlay. Economically, the price of gold increases almost daily and where better to protect your investment other than embedded in the true strength of titanium. Gold and silver act as the ultimate highlight, enhancing your creation by radiating light within faceted stones and generating dimensions in wood and mineral. Another forgotten fact is that gold comes in four colors; yellow, white, rose, and green, multiplying your style options.

3. The month you were born in no longer confines you to one stone choice. For instance, ruby is the birthstone for the sign of Cancer and the month of July; but as a Leo born in July, Peridot comes into astrological play. Power stones offer another level of empowering inlay options, targeting weaknesses, ailments, and impending challenges. Choosing stones and minerals according to one's personal dilemmas is becoming a popular remedy and some believe it to be a powerful healing source.

As someone who has taken numerous ring orders, my experience has taught me that buying a ring is a meaningful purchase to many, and the customer service is an important component, especially when creating a custom order. A ring is bought with purpose, as a symbol to represent a paramount event or special memory. Earrings and necklaces are replaced and substituted frequently according to the circumstances, unlike a ring that is rarely removed once placed on the home finger, so only good energy should go into your handmade embedded titanium ring.