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The long awaited arrival of rings with a masculine appeal is here with an explosion of durable, lightweight, design. Titanium rings inlaid with wood and stone comfortably fit a man's hand and lifestyle like a glove. Design possibilities for men are infinite like they have never been before. The introduction of multiple choices featuring custom images and design creations representing passions, culture, and scenery are handmade by men, for men, with intricate skill.

Fact- working with titanium is a tough-guy profession, its dangerous at times. After all our company is the only company that we know of to start with a solid bar of Aerospace-grade, American-made titanium. When you walk into our gallery you can tell right away there is a machine shop in the back by the noise level. Our guys put blood, sweat, and tears into the rings to turn a bar of titanium into a sophisticated piece of jewelry.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking evolution in the jewelry industry in recent years, inlaid titanium rings cross demographic boundaries like no other predecessor, catching the eye of men and women of every age, background, and belief. Geographically, a world-wide response is apparent with people from every corner of the earth.

The first inlays from our company were Koa Wood, collected from fallen trees and branches from around the island, with nothing but good intentions to preserve this prized and historical Hawaiian tree. The growth began there, opening doors to the imagination in a machinist who used to make turbo chargers and power boosters from the same machine. Shown above is a ring featuring Hawaiian Koa and Hawaiian grown Mango with Rose Gold, just one design idea that turned out to be a favorite style for men.

Stone and mineral inlays now equal our wood inlay ring sales and the combination has surpassed both. Birthstones, astrological stones, power stones; one person has many whether they choose to decorate their hand or to manipulate the energy in their lives. Men are especially interested in the navy blue Lapis or the forest green Malachite set next to a rich dark wood.

Diamonds are no longer reserved for the women’s ring, they are embedded and flush with the surface so the chances of losing your diamonds are close to impossible. The diamonds are protected from the elements with a secret process that our company holds dear. There are few laws regarding design copyright, only a few in the United States, so we strive each day to research and improve our techniques with tight security to set ourselves apart from the mass-produced replicas.

The inlaid titanium ring industry has introduced a new frontier for men to explore on their own terms and conditions, and spouses everywhere are relieved to see their men wearing their rings with pride. Finally!