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Many clients ask if we can use the diamonds from a ring in their collection and the truth is we do not like to use our clients personal diamonds for several reasons.

Firstly, we do not believe in taking apart another jewelers creation. We put much energy and Aloha into each piece we create and so we do not want to destroy something that someone has put their passion into.

2. People want to send us the diamonds already removed at times and we will inlay them but they must be under 3mm and round. We also have some warnings before we agree:

~Our prices are based on man hours more than materials so the price for your ring is the same, whether we use your diamonds or ours.

~There is a chance your diamonds could be lost in the mail on their way to us, there is also a chance of your ring getting lost in the mail on its way to you.

~Our guys are rough and tough as titanium is not easy to work with and they could lose your diamonds in the workshop, they could also break your diamond during inlay.

Please know we are happy to cut and crush your personal wood and gemstone for inlay, but when it comes to the set stones, we are just trying to protect our clients best interest and would feel terrible if something happened to one of their family heirlooms.