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Now and then we’d like to highlight one of our most unique Hawaii Titanium Rings collections, and today, it’s our custom image design rings. It doesn’t get much more unique than a personalized design, crafted from any one of our premium material.

The Sailboat

Here we see our sailboat design, full of character and set against black pearl in a wood and titanium ring. It conveys a sense of moving purposefully through life, and also combines very nicely with a blue setting for either a night or day “scene.”

The Mountain

These are strikingly detailed rings for their size, material and inlay process, and they go to show that we can create something meaningful for anyone. Like the sailboat design, you can see that the feeling shifts dramatically between a dark and a light background setting.

The Turtles

One of our popular design choices, we have many ways of incorporating these emotive little turtles into your ring. Whether you’d like just one, or to see a pair, we can accommodate anything you’d like.

At Hawaii Titanium Rings, our mission is your happiness. We can work with you to iterate on any trendy design you can imagine, or develop one unique to you! Contact us to find out more, or browse our amazing titanium ring collections today!