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Today we’re highlighting one of our smaller Hawaii Titanium Rings collections, our stylish “stack rings.” Perfect for everything from matching rings with your friends or partner, or assembling sets for personal accessorizing, the thin band of stack rings is comfortable on any finger.

Kiwi Opal

Embedded with gorgeous green synthetic Kiwi Opal, there are few colors as vibrantly striking on their own. Like most of our rings of this style, it can be personalized with the addition of birthstones, diamonds or power stones.

Bloodwood & Pink Ivory Wood

Often overlooked in mainstream jewelry design, well-polished wood can be paired with other materials in beautiful combinations, like this bloodwood ring with a pink ivory window, the perfect frame for a meaningful gemstone.

Turquoise Diamond

A popular design for engagement and wedding rings, the turquoise band with diamond, or other stone setting, stands out because of it’s brightness and expresses a sentiment of exuberance and optimism.

Among our stack rings are many other incredible options for inlays and stones, such as red or gold Tiger’s Eye, Lapis, and even intricate Celtic knots! Contact us to find out more, or browse our amazing titanium ring collections today!