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Polished and Brushed Rings

We constantly apologize to people for our photography, and the main reason is usually because they are trying to decide if they want their ring brushed or polished and our ring pictures do not capture the finish. Here are three bits of advice when choosing between brushed and polished for your design.

1. I always suggest the brushed finish for the gold inlay designs. The gold can be seen better when we brush it.

2. I also suggest the brushed finish for rings with a wide titanium surface, like the ones in the blog pics. Titanium will get tiny fine scratches with wear and the brushed look tends to hide them.

2. When we brush the designs made with wood and stone, remember the entire ring is brushed so the wood and stone will appear dull along with the titanium. I suggest polished for our inlaid designs only because after time and wear, your ring will appear brushed, so why not see it polished to begin with. The colors and 3-D aspects of the wood show better with the polished finish.

I hope this helps with your decision, call us for further help anytime! 808-327-4647